Still Mind Training
The Path to Peace

It might be helpful to understand from the beginning that Still Mind training is a practice which cultivates Peace within.


Peace is always present in the mind but most of us are not aware of its existence. We may have brief encounters with it, but we can't sustain it for long.

When we become more aware of the peace within our mind, happiness follows. 

Peace and happiness are paired together like Thunder and Lightening, you can't have one without the other.

Peace and happiness is love and you will get to experience this for yourself when you train your mind to be still, focused and present. You will then have a true foundation from which to live your life. You will experience the world in a different light and radiate love and peace to everyone you meet. You will share the truth of love. 

At Still Mind training we advocate meditation and moving breathing exercises. We don't place too much focus on the world, the past or your imagined future for a very simple reason. It is your thoughts about the world, yourself and your past, which blocks you from experiencing the peace within the mind. 

We train the mind to be more present and focused in the moment. This cultivates awareness  and acceptance. It stops the overthinking mind which has a past and an imagined future.

The only training you will ever need is how to learn to live in each moment without fear. (past or future)

Start now and quieten your mind by noticing your in and out breath as often as you can. Breathe in through the nose and mentally say BE, breathe out through the month and mentally say STILL.


This is a very fast way to be present. You will also find it stops the overthinking mind in its tracks and eventually it allows the mind to let go of past pain and guilt. The vicious cycles of past thoughts and experiences diminish as we train the mind to BE STILL.

Please browse through the website for free resources on meditation and breathing exercises. Also visit our you tube channel for more moving breathing mediations.


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