Still Mind Training Approach, Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, Meditation and Mind training

I have developed an approach which integrates psychology, philosophy, counselling, spirituality, meditation and mind training.

I use a combination of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), meditation and love cycles to help my clients improve their state of mind which enables them to live a loving and balanced life.

The gentle power of love cycles is the opposite to the depressed, anxious or angry vicious cycles which cause mental and physical suffering.

All thoughts and behaviours have a direct effect on our feelings.

Love cycles are the key to undoing fearful vicious cycles.


Cognitive Behavioural Therapy is a type of mind training. It emphasises, how you think about yourself, the world and other people and how what you do effects your thoughts and feelings

Thoughts, feelings and behaviours have a reciprocal relationship:

CBT aims at changing how you think (cognitive) and what you do (behaviour). These changes can help you feel better and live a happier life. CBT focuses on the here and now. It recognises how the past has influenced our lives but it focuses on ways of improving your mental wellbeing now.

CBT says it is not the event that causes emotions, it is the interpretation or judgements we interpose onto the event that causes our emotions.

CBT is a type of psychotherapy (talking therapy) and utilises mind training techniques and meditation to help change thoughts, feelings and behaviours which are causing mental suffering.

The one problem people have with CBT is that it requires a lot of practice and can take a counsellor 10-20 sessions before improvement is gained.

This is where my approach uses a catalyst which helps speed up the process.

The gentle power of love which everyone has experienced at some point in their life becomes the catalyst for quick change. We use love cycles to undo the vicious fearful cycles.

The approach has 3 Key stages

  1. Key Stage One, Awareness. Become more aware of thoughts and feelings as they arise. You will learn to let go of thoughts and behaviours which make you suffer.

  2. Key Stage Two, Love. Become aware of the difference between loving cycles, and fearful vicious cycles. You will begin to understand the difference. 

  3. Key Stage Three, Focussed Attention. Increase your ability to focus the mind on simple activities. I use meditation techniques to lead you to a loving and more peaceful state of mind.


I offer single counselling sessions. If you would like just one consultation please go to book online and choose CBT Counselling Consultation.

The 6 week Model

The Approach has 6 steps, completed over 6 weeks, which includes one online session of 60 minutes per week.

After each session you will be sent a video which reiterates what was said in the session. There will also be printable resources to carry out the practical exercises.

Step 1 Identifying, thoughts, feelings and behaviours. We will have an in depth look at what is keeping your problems going.

Step 2 Understanding the links between thoughts, feelings and behaviours.

Step 3 Making Changes. We will look at changing behaviours. This will help change your thoughts and feelings.

Step 4 Making Changes. We will look at changing thoughts. This will help change behaviours and feelings.

Step 5 Challenging thoughts. We will learn to challenge and let go of thoughts that cause suffering.

Step 6 Accepting and defusing thoughts. We look at letting go completely of past thoughts and feelings that cause suffering. We will also look at imagery, visualisations and meditations which you will be able to use for improving balance and peace in the mind. You will be guided gently to a happy and peaceful life.

Please go to the 6 weeks model. Alternatively go to Free Video Resources or Meditation and learn more.