Samatha Meditation


This Meditation is used in Still Mind Trainings 6 step model

Samatha is Pali for ‘calm’ and can also be expressed through the Tibetan term Shyine which means peace and purification.

This meditation is all about calmness which leads to focus and concentration.

Calmness is the pre-requisite to gaining a more balanced and peaceful state of mind.


Benefits of Samatha Meditation

Scientists have found the following health benefits, but the best thing to do is try the meditation and experience the benefits for yourself.


  1. Helps prevent depression and anxiety

  2. Lowers Heart rate

  3. Improves airflow to lungs

  4. Helps balance blood pressure

  5. Reduces headaches and migraines

  6. Decreases muscle tension

  7. Decreases over thinking




The Technique


You will need to use a positive object. Something like a candle or ornament which you associate with loving and kind thoughts. 


  1. Once you have chosen your object sit comfortably and relax for a few moments.

  2. Then meditate on the object. 

  3. Use your senses, hear it, smell it, see it, be one with it .

  4. Focus your full mind on the object.

  5. Try at first to meditate for five minutes and once practiced for a week increase to 10 minutes

  6. Relax as you try this meditation. Your concentration will increase as you practice more.

  7.  It is a wonderful meditation to practice after a breathing meditation or body scan meditation.

Please watch the video below for a more in-depth explanation of how to carry out Samatha.