Why is Mind Training so Important?

Mind training is a discipline and like all disciplines it requires practice and patience.

But why is it so important to train the mind?

The mind is something that is with you all the time. It is impossible to switch it off. Even in sleep the mind is working.

But what happens if we lose control of our mind and let thoughts run riot?

We may end up becoming anxious, depressed, stressed and angry as the thought patterns seem to take over. It is not unusual for someone to suffer from repeating fearful thoughts from the past which impede on how they live now.

But if we ponder on this for a moment in a reasonable way, you may ask the question how is it that something from the past is effecting how you live now.?

From an early age, day dreaming and fantasies about the future enter the mind. We are inadvertently training the mind to be distracted. ( For example you might be in a maths lecture with the teacher explaining geometry but your mind is else where day dreaming)

This is why mind training is so important.

We need reverse the fact that we have trained it to be distracted and allowed thoughts to run riot. (Overthinking leads to fear, depression, angerand anxiety.)

When we train the mind to be still and present all the activities we carry out in the day become easier and more enjoyable. The mind becomes focused on the task at hand. The past becomes less important and our fear of the future diminishes as we have become peaceful and focused in every moment.

Start training the mind today with a simple breathing exercise. It is sometimes called box breathing. This will help the mind to focus on the breathe. Your focus and attention will increase dramatically if you practice this exercise 2 times a day for a week and then carry it on for the rest of your life.

The mind will start to associate the breathe with focus and attention and this is what leads to a balanced and peaceful life. You will also increase the oxygen around the body and increase lung capacity. The deeper and more efficient the breathe is the better the body works.

The Technique

1. Breathe in thru the nose for a count of four.

2. Hold the breath in for a count of four.

3.Breathe out thru the month (lips pursed slightly) for a count of four

4. Repeat the above process four times

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