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What Happens in Counselling?

Updated: Oct 24, 2020

Counselling is quite simple really and it works because of a simple reason.

As a counsellor it is our job to listen intently to a client without judgement and complete acceptance of the situation the client is in. We treat the client as an equal with no pre conceptions of who they are. We don't know them on a personal level nor what they have done in their past.

From having no reference point the counsellor can give impartial pointers to the client which helps them change their mind about situations or challenges.

The counsellor gives the client practical tools that facilitates this change, and ultimately it is the client that needs to put the practical work in.The counsellor may be seen as a catalyst which speeds up progress.

When two people get together to achieve a common goal more often or not they achieve it. The counsellor and client are united in a common goal and the solution is achieved through communication.

Communication is the foundation in a counsellor/client relationship and the more open and honest the client is, the quicker they achieve a balanced, peaceful life.

The hardest part for the counsellor is motivating the client to practice the techniques given them. . (you can lead a thirsty horse to water, but you can't make them drink) Therefore the most important part of counselling is motivating the client to put in the practical work.

Here at Still Mind Training we work on motivation first. We then give the client practical exercises that suit their individual needs. This is why the first session on SMT is free. We are confident that the free session will help the client and sometimes this is enough for them to improve there lives without needing any more sessions.

But more often than not a client likes to book at least five sessions, this way they stay motivated weekly and the progress can be reviewed.

We say at SMT a good practical habit that improves your state of mind is achieved in and around 30 days. There is another advantage with booking more than one session and that is you may find that you want to add more SMT techniques to your practice and this is feasible through 5-10 sessions.

In conclusion it is only you that can change your state of mind, but SMT can help you speed up the process through tried and tested techniques. Go to Book Online for a free first session. Alternatively go to Free Video resources or Meditation to learn more.

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