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Training the Mind

The mind is always working even when we are sleeping. The mind carries all our thoughts, beliefs, experiences and emotions.

If the mind becomes overly concerned with the past or future we are prone to suffering.

Mental suffering is prevalent in the world currently and this is clearly seen when watching the news. The behaviour of humans seems to be getting worse and this is a reflection of their state of mind.

How we behave stems from how we think and feel about the world and ourselves. But these thoughts and feelings are not always good for us or correct.

In order to live a happier and more peaceful life we need to work on ourselves. In other words we need to work on the mind and this in turn will improve our lives. It requires practice and patience.

But it is not as hard as you might think.

There are plenty of ways of improving the state of mind and I will share a simple exercise that will help almost immediately at the end of the blog.

If the mind is suffering from vicious cycles or repeating cycles of anxiety, depression or anger then we need to become more aware of how thoughts, behaviours and feelings are linked.

If our predominant thoughts are anxious, then our feelings and behaviours reflect these thoughts. An anxious persons behaviour may include avoiding people and events because of their fearful thoughts. The corresponding feelings can vary but it is not unusual for a very anxious person to experience physical sensations such as elevated heart rate, palpitations or hyperventilation. The body becomes stressed because of the anxious thoughts.

This is an example of the power of the mind, as it is thoughts that have a direct affect on our feelings and behaviours.

From this understanding we can go about training the mind to be focused on things we do want, rather than things we don't want.

We get to direct the mind and decide what to focus on and the best and most easy way to start this is by meditating.

We need to direct the mind onto more peaceful activities. When we do this the mind will eventually increase its focus and attention.

The mind can become very strained and tired when thoughts from the past or future keep repeating and intrude on the present moment. The key to training the mind is redirecting its focus onto simple things.

This is where the Breath comes in.

Still Mind Training helps you increase your focus and cope with each moment in a peaceful and calm manner.

If we practice meditation, then we can take that practice into every moment. Remember the mind is very powerful and it will focus on what you direct it to do.

Therefore if you sit comfortable with your back upright, close your eyes and direct the mind to focus on the breath for 5 minutes a day, you are training it to associate the breath with relaxation and peace.

After a while your focus increases and the breath becomes a focal point of your life.

The simple but under appreciated breath becomes a way to train the mind to be at peace.

This is the greatest news possible. As there is one certainty in this world as a human, you need to breathe in every moment and when you meditate (focus on your breath) you can bring that practice with you. Therefore when a challenging moment arrives, all you need do is BREATHE.

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