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The Past is an Illusion

Time is kind under the guidance of love.

Love is always present but it requires mind training to experience this truth.

It is impossible to find the still, quiet and gentle power of love if we are filled with past thoughts and feelings.

It has been theorised that the eye of a storm/cyclone is a lot calmer than its surrounding weather patterns.

If we use this as an example and imagine that the mind, at its centre, is calm and peaceful. Its the thoughts that swirl around its centre that cause suffering. The thoughts come from the past or future. Either way these stormy thoughts stop us from experiencing the present.

An illusion is defined as 'an instance of a wrong or misinterpreted perception of a sensory experience' or 'a deceptive appearance or impression' or 'a false idea or belief' (according to the Oxford dictionary).

All past thoughts in the present are an illusion and as we become more aware of stormy thoughts in the mind, you will get to experience this truth for yourself.

A deceptive appearance or impression (past illusions or thoughts) are interposed onto the mind from the past. This is what stops you from being present and causes suffering such as depression and anxiety.

A state of mind that is depressed or anxious is carrying past illusions in their mind. Remember one of the definitions of an illusion is "a false idea or belief'.

The depressed person is quite literally carrying false ideas and beliefs about themselves and possible others.

They experience the present from a past reference point.

An anxious person uses fearful thoughts and feelings from the past as a reference point to predict a fearful future. All of which is illusionary.

The mind needs training in order to experience a balanced and happy life.

We need to learn to be still and quiet. This is a prerequisite to peace.

In other words it is the endless stream of thoughts that block our awareness of peace.

If we can grasp that it is illusionary thoughts of past and future that cause mental suffering, we can begin our training.

When we are still and quiet there is no conflict in the mind.

This quietness and stillness has no past or future, it is fully present and lies beyond the story clouds of thoughts.

Therefore the focal point of our life becomes the present moment, which in truth is all there is. We need mind training to experience this truth.

I integrate cognitive behavioural therapy and meditation to train the mind to be still. This undoes the past and thus releases the future.

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