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The Mind and Attachment

The mind houses all our thoughts. These thoughts can be images and sometimes have an emotion attached to them.

If negative thoughts from the past keep repeating in the mind, it is generally because you have an emotional attachment to it.

This emotional attachment comes from a past interpretation of an event or situation.

An example of how interpretations can cause unwanted negative vicious cycles, is as follows.

A man and wife live in a house which has 3 rooms downstairs and 2 rooms upstairs. This is a fact about their house.

The wife does not interpret the house in any way, she sees it as it is.

But the man interprets the house as being too small. His thoughts about the house cause him to feel angry and sometimes depressed.

When he visits friends and family in their home he gets upset as he is reminded that his house is too small. This triggers the feelings of anger and depression.

The wife accepts the house as a fact and therefore it does not cause her any mental suffering.

But the interpretation of the man and his house is causing him mental suffering. He has interposed his own thoughts and beliefs onto a situation rather than accepting it as a fact.

When we interpret events or situations in a negative way, our mind becomes attached to them, it links it with other associated thoughts and emotions. (This is similar to cookies on websites where they show you adverts associated with previous searches)

The mind can become filled with vicious cycles of thoughts and emotions and this leads to either anger, anxiety or depression.

When we have a grasp on how interpretations of events and situations can cause mental suffering we can go about changing something.

Remember the wife in the story above, she accepted the house as it is. This acceptance means she does not carry unwanted thoughts and emotions in the mind and therefore her state of mind is good.

If we can learn to accept challenging situations or events, it means we don't let it effect us in the future. We don't attach a thought and emotion to the situation and so when it has passed, it has gone for good.

At Still Mind Training we look at breaking the attachment of unwanted thoughts, beliefs and emotions from the past. We give our clients the tools they need to improve their state of mind and hence their life.

We use journaling, mind training and meditation.

To learn more about how Still Mind Training can help you please visit the website and check out our 6 step model.

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