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The importance of Still Mind Training and Meditation

Updated: Oct 24, 2020

Perhaps the endless stream of thoughts is making you tired?

Maybe you don't have much energy because of the mental activity in your mind?

If we over exert ourself when exercising, the body becomes tired and needs rest.

The mind does not really get tired but it can become strained, it needs two types of exercises or meditations to improve its state.

1. Rest

It needs a break from extraneous thoughts that often repeat over and over again.

2 Focus and Attention.

It needs training to be more focussed in every moment. Our ability to concentrate is weakened when we allow endless thoughts to intrude upon the mind.

Often the thoughts have no relevance to what we are actually doing.

The question is how do we go about mind training?

It is achieved through meditation.

There are two main types of meditation:

1. Open Meditation

2 Closed Meditation

Underneath these categories there is literally thousands of different meditation techniques, for example, Qi Gong, Tai Chi, Yoga. Mindful Breathing, Kundalini yoga, Zen walking, present moment awareness and many, many more.

They all have the same goal, which is to improve the state of mind.

When the mind is rested and focussed, life becomes peaceful and balanced.

We all carry out natural meditation during the day. This is where we are completely focussed on the activity we are doing. This could be a sudoku, crossword or even physical exercise. These activities increase our ability to concentrate and is excellent for training the mind to be more focussed.

Perhaps a more restful activity for the mind is just sitting down and having a cup of tea, or sweeping the yard. If we just do what we are doing, without any others thoughts, then the mind does not become strained.

It is the excessive thoughts of future and passed that cause

conflict and suffering in the mind.

If you have not tried deliberate mind training or meditation before, then the best way to start is by noticing your breath whenever you can.

Take a big breath in and count one on the out breath. Then repeat this four times so that your last out breath will end on four. Then, notice how you feel.

This may only take around 5-10 seconds, but it gives the mind a rest and it also increases our focus and attention at the same time.

Try to remember to do this whenever you have a moment. A helpful hint is to associate this practice with hydration. Every time you have a drink of water remember to breathe in and out four times.

This simple starting technique opens the gate to a more peaceful and balanced mind.

It does require practice but after a while all types of meditation become as natural as breathing.

Check out the video below for a more in-depth explanation of the above blog.

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