Relationship to Self

What is the relationship you have with yourself?

Do you beat yourself up for not being as good as you want to be?

Do you make yourself feel guilty, if you eat too much?

Do you get upset because of the way you look?

I am sure everyone has had thoughts like the ones above at some point in their life.

These thoughts are negative and lead to negative actions, They are self defeating.

So how do we go about changing our mind about ourself?

It is very simple really, but it does require practice.

All the thoughts above stem from judgements and comparisons. We judge ourself to be not worthy and compare ourself to others.

Try to imagine now how you would feel and think, if you dropped judgement and comparisons!

You would no longer beat yourself up or others. Your relationship to Self will improve and your life will take on new meaning with peace and love at its centre.

In order to achieve this state of non=judgement, mind training is needed.. You need to reverse the judgemental overthinking part of the mind and this is achieved through meditation.

If the above makes sense to you or even if it does not quite yet, i suggest you start today with a simple meditation called open monitoring.

Open monitoring will increase your awareness of thoughts as they arise in the mind. You will start to notice how much of your thinking is judgemental.. This is the preliminary step on your new path to a life without judgement.

When we have practiced open monitoring for a while, you will find the mind becomes more peaceful as the judgemental thoughts quiet down, until eventually they disappear.

A life without judgement and comparison is the most liberating way to live. But it is down to you to practice and experience it for yourself.

Visit Still Mind Training where you will find lots of free resources on meditation.

Learn the meditation open monitoring and start your mind training today.

Or visit our you tube channel and practice Mospiritari (Moving, Breathing, Meditations) These meditations are a fast way of becoming more present in each moment, which improves the state of mind and leads to a peaceful and balanced life.

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