No Oppostion

Opposition or resistance is futile!

There is no need to oppose anything.

To oppose something is to resist and fight against it. This leads to conflict and eventually mental and physical suffering.

A state of mind that resists nothing means there is no conflict. This is true surrender and acceptance.

When we train the mind to accept all that happens in each moment without opposition, life and the moment become easier. The mind no longer uses past judgements and comparisons to interpret what is happening. This leads to a state of mind that is peaceful and balanced.

For example, if you wake up one day and find it difficult to walk because your lower back is in pain, there is twos ways of experiencing that moment depending on your state of mind.

1 A state of Mind in conflict

You could add negative thoughts to the situation and the back, such as:

"how am I going to work today'

'why does this always happen to me'

' I won't be able to exercise now and I will lose my fitness'

"I am meant to be going on holiday in a week and what happens if it gets worse and I can't go'

You see clearly here there is resistance to what is happening. The mind is adding thoughts to the situation using interpretation and judgements.

This is a state of mind in conflict. It opposes the lower back pain which makes it worse than it actually is. The mind has not accepted the moment. We have trained it in opposition, resistance and non-acceptance.

When the mind is trained in this way you will find it becomes accustomed to opposition. A habit is made and you will oppose more and more situations and perhaps eventually, oppose all that happens in each moment, leading to depression, anxiety and anger.

2 A State of Mind of Acceptance

If the mind accepts the lower back pain without judgements and interpretations then there is no conflict. if there is no conflict then there is no problem.

You will find through acceptance that the back will either heal or not, either way it is not a problem. Mental suffering arises from allowing the mind to interpret the situation as good or bad.

In order to achieve this accepting state of mind it requires practice. We need to undo the worldly state of mind which encourages opposition, competition, conflict, inequality, resistance and war.

It is no ones fault the world is the way it is and it is best not try to over analyse it. Instead start your mind training with some simple meditations and experience for yourself (it is through experience we learn most) a world without opposition.

This will improve your state of mind and your overall mental wellbeing.

Please visit Still Mind Training for free resources on meditation..

Also visit our you tube channel and start practicing Mospiritari. (moving, breathing, meditations) These short practical meditations help you focus your attention in the moment, which leads to a peaceful state of mind.

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