Mind Over Matter

The mind is the one thing that can be trained. Free will is the ability to direct our mind on what we believe is important.

But what happens when we focus our mind purely on the world?

We get lost in the world of comparisons and judgements. We use it as a reference point in which to live our life by, leading to suffering and unhappiness

It is impossible to control the world and environment around us. But it it is very possible to train the mind to be focussed in every moment. It is this training that leads to peace and unity.

The world is based on time. It has a future and a past.

Sometimes our thoughts in the mind become obsessed with the future, hoping it will be better than our current situation. We then carry out activities as means to an end, but all we are really doing is teaching the mind we are unhappy in the present.

But the present moment is all there truly is and if we can train the mind to be focused on exactly what we are doing then life becomes more peaceful and balanced. You will find a more loving and kind mind that is centred in the here and now and slowly but surely, worldly thoughts and concerns drop away.

Still Mind Training is very simple. We focus our attention on the breath which anchors the mind in the moment. it suspends all past judgements and thoughts. It allows us to fully experience the present moment without fear. (fear is based on past and future)

I suggest you visit our website for free resources on meditations and breathing exercises. Also visit our you tube channel and start training the mind today and experience for yourself a life that is vibrant, peaceful, loving and balanced.

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