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Mental Health Recovery Action Plan

Fantastic news!

The U.K government's mental health recovery action plan will support hundreds of thousands of people with mental health issues.

The plan, published on Saturday, aims to respond to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the mental health of the public, specifically targeting groups which have been most impacted including those with severe mental illness, young people, and frontline staff.

£500 million of funding will accelerate the expansion of mental health services and provide people with the support they need.

Health and Social Care Secretary Matt Hancock said:

"Our Recovery Action Plan, backed by £500 million of funding will accelerate the expansion of mental health services and provide people with the support they need. As part of our response to this global pandemic we not only want to tackle the public health threat of coronavirus but ensure our clinicians have the resources to deal with the impact on people’s mental health."

With this in mind, looking after yourself while you’re waiting for a referral is essential. Here are some ideas to help you focus on things you can take action on:

Doing some form of physical activity — whether it’s a sport, yoga, walking or gardening, can be really beneficial to your mental well-being. These activities show us the connection between our mind and body.

If you research mental health charity’s you will find they offer a range of support, advice, activities, well-being tips and a lot more. Mind charity is a great place to start.

Journaling can be helpful to identify and become aware of our thoughts, feelings and behaviours. It can also help you prepare and get more out of your first therapy or counselling session by having your journal data available to share with your therapist.

Lastly, the most effective tool for improving mental health that everyone has access to, is the breath. It is a gateway into meditation which leads us to a peaceful and balanced life. When we train the mind to focus on something simple like the breath, we become more present and focused in the moment. We train the mind to be ready for whatever the world throws at us.

Please browse the Still Mind Training website where you will find free resources on meditation. Alternatively, follow this link to our Mospiritari Moving breathing exercise . It only takes 3 minutes and it is a wonderful tool which can be practiced in any moment of unease.

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