Meditation and the World

When we truly look at the world and what happens within it, you may come to the conclusion that it is insane!!

The world is very loud and there is always something crying out for your attention. We are constantly bombarded with advertisements, claiming you need to buy this or try this, in order to be happy. We hear many stories from others and the media often adding to a fearful state of mind.

The world uses comparisons and judgements which leads to separation and inequality. It appears most people are living with the belief 'its survival of the fittest' which leads to conflict, war, anger, deprivation, depression and anxiety.

The world is an elitist society, implicitly implying inequality.

All this worldly stimuli is processed and housed in the mind and adds to our belief system which in turn dictates how we behave in the world.

When we focus all our attention on outside worldly issues of separation, comparison and judgements our mind can become filled with thoughts of dread and mental issues and illness follows.

There is no wonder that depression, anger and anxiety is on the increase, as the mind is using the world as a reference point from which to live by.

This all sounds very negative but there is a solution to the problems above.

We need to retrain the mind to focus on something else other than the world.

Mediation is the answer.

When we learn to focus on something simple like the breath we are training the mind to be still and peaceful in the present moment.

From this stillness and peace the world becomes quieter as our primary focus has shifted from the outside world to the peace and stillness within.

There is never any problems with stillness, silence and space. They are, what they are, without discrimination or judgement. They are consistent and cannot die or fizzle out, unlike all things in the world which are impermanent.

Through practice, focus and concentration the mind slowly lets go of the overthinking worldly thoughts and finds peace in each moment.

Start training the mind today! Visit our website Still Mind Training for free resources on meditation.

Also visit our you tube channel and watch the moving, breathing mediations or Mospiritari. This is a fast way of improving the state of mind and therefore your overall mental and physical wellbeing.

I wish you all the best with your training.


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