Looking For the Answer

When you feel you need some answers, where do you look to find them?

If you wanted to learn more about science or maths, the best place to start is the internet, the free library of worldly knowledge.

You will find factual answers such as why it’s impossible to have thunder without lightening.

But what happens when we go looking for answers about mental challenges or mental health?

You will find lots of free resources on you tube, instatgram or google. The only problem is the resources conflict and contradict each other.

You might also read someone claiming to have the answer to all your problems. You just need to buy their book or purchase their program.

There are so many self help books and programs out their now and it has become a multi billion dollar business. Unfortunately, if you ask any honest business man what their priority is, they will answer ‘to make money’.

But the truth is you don’t need to pay for the answer you are looking for, You need to put some practice and effort in to retraining your mind and experience the results for yourself.

Please browse Still Mind Training for free resources on meditation and mind training.

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