How CBT Can Help Stop A Fear Of Needles

Injections are a fact of life, but that is something many people are uncomfortable with, especially at a time when every day brings talk of millions of people getting jabbed with a vaccine against Coronavirus.

While there are those who subscribe to anti-vax positions who would refuse the jab, for others reluctance is not about mistrusting health professionals and the government or believing conspiracy theories, but fear of the needle itself.

This fear is known as trypanophobia and it affects as many as one in ten people, so if you struggle with this you are not alone.

It can be caused by a number of things; often it is a traumatic incident with a needle in childhood. Alternatively, it can be a symptom of mental illness. There can even be a genetic predisposition to it. Either way, it means the prospect of an encounter with a needle brings great anxiety, fear and could lead to fainting on the day.

Clearly this is a major problem for people who want the protection against Covid-19 but dread the means by which they will get it. While creators of the Oxford / AstraZeneca vaccine are working on a pill version of the vaccine, it could be months away and that won’t change the reality that there may be other occasions when a needle is unavoidable, from blood tests to dental trips.

The good news is a CBT counsellor can help, with this form of therapy known to be useful in helping people overcome their fear. It works by getting people to change how they view needles, regarding them as a necessary and positive medical tool that will bring only a small short-term bit of pain.

Not only will it mean you can get your Coronavirus jab without fainting in terror, but you will be able to look after your general health and specific things like your teeth too, without worrying about your appointments.

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