Could CBT Help You Be More Effective At Work?

Cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) has a range of benefits and can help in many areas of our lives, but new research has found that undergoing a course of CBT not only makes it more likely that depressed people who are unemployed will find work, but also that they will be more productive in their jobs.

Research conducted by The Ohio State University revealed that 41 per cent of underemployed or unemployed people who underwent a 16-week CBT programme to treat them for depression either went from part- to full-time work or found a new job over the course of the treatment.

In addition, the researchers found that those who were employed, but suffering from depression, reported that their CBT helped them to focus and accomplish more at work.

Co-author of the study and professor of psychology at the university Daniel Strunk said that, while the participants undertook CBT to help treat their depression, it’s important to recognise the benefits of the therapy beyond their mental health struggles.

“Reducing symptoms isn’t the only goal people have when they start CBT. Many are hoping to find a job or improve their productivity at their current job. Here we found that therapy can help people achieve these goals as well,” he explained.

If improving your productivity is your aim, CBT isn’t the only way to achieve this. An article for Forbes last month pointed out that having a daily meditation practice has been found to improve concentration and help you enjoy greater mental focus throughout the day.

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