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Anxiety and Depression

Anxiety and depression arise in the mind from negative thought patterns. The thought patterns are a collection of beliefs and experiences from the past.

More often or not people with anxiety and depression carry fearful thoughts from particular experiences. They may carry these thoughts consciously or unconsciously the only certainty is that if they could let go of the past, the depression and anxiety would dissipate.

An anxious person may be worried about an upcoming event, it is the thoughts they project onto the event that causes suffering. They may be worried about saying the wrong thing or what they are going to wear and so on.

But the question is why are they worried about a future event?

This is where projection is seen most clearly. The thought patterns in the mind are projecting a fearful future, without actually knowing what the future holds.

But these thoughts come from beliefs in the past.This causes stress in the mind and it is not uncommon for someone who suffers from anxiety to have physical symptoms, such as elevated heart rate, high blood pressure, palpitations and panic attacks.

It is the fearful or anxious thoughts that trigger unwanted physical suffering.

Depression also arises from negative thought patterns and false beliefs.

Often a depressed person is not aware why they are depressed, but it is from beliefs and thoughts from the past which they carry in the mind consciously or unconsciously.

They have identified themselves with negative thought patterns and these thoughts are usually because of their experiences, fear, and use of comparisons and judgements.

They may feel useless, unworthy and have thought patterns such as 'Whats the point in doing anything'. This is all normal for a person who is trapped in a loop of negative thoughts.

It is the undoing of false beliefs and negative thought patterns that is needed to free your mind from anxiety and this can be achieved through Still Mind Training where you learn to focus your mind in the moment rather than the future or past. You become confident and present enough to understand that no matter what happens in the future you have the tools to deal with it.

At Still Mind Training we break the anxious vicious cycles or depressed vicious cycles using meditation techniques and journaling.

Journaling requires the client to look at the relationship between thoughts, feelings and behaviours. They are asked to write about situations and events and this helps them identify problem areas.

When this is achieved we go about breaking the vicious cycles of thoughts, feelings and behaviours and turn them around to more loving cycles.

Still Mind Training suggest you take the 6 steps model which will improve your state of mind and therefore your life. The initial consultation is free and from there you will gain a better understanding of the model.

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