• Paul

A Life without Fear

Can you imagine a life without fear?

How would you feel? How would you behave? and what sort of state would your mind be in?

A life without fear is a life lived with love and truth.

It is fear that stops us from experiencing each moment just as it is.

I am not talking about a fearful moment where you actually need to use your fight or flight response, I am talking about fearful thoughts in the mind which turn into vicious cycles. (Hopefully you do not have too many moments where you need to run or fight)

Fear and love are complete opposites. They are both emotions, but one invokes happiness and peace the other sadness, anger and pain.

The question is why would we carry fear in the mind if we knew it effected behaviour and therefore our lives?

We do have a choice whether to follow fear or love, but often people believe they don’t and blindly follow fear.

As we start to meditate the mind becomes more present and focused. We become an observer of thoughts and eventually an observer of all that happens in the moment without resistance and complete acceptance. This is a fearless state of mind and we experience life as peaceful, balanced and joyous.

It is fearful thoughts made up of past interpretations, comparisons and judgements that effect all areas of our lives.

Fear can make us attack, retreat and destroy. Only fear can do this. If we were fearless there would be no need to attack anyone or anything. You would not feel deprived or separate from anyone else.

Fear becomes easier to recognise through our awareness training (mediation) We are no longer at the peril of past and future fearful thoughts as we have awakened a new factor in the mind. We have awakened or become aware of the observer. The peaceful watcher who is conflict free and fearless.

The mind needs training to undo fear. Eventually you will get to a point where fear becomes absolute and no longer has any place or meaning in your life. You have found the present moment and meet it with either acceptance, enthusiasm or enjoyment.

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