The 6 Steps Model that will Change your state of mind and life

I have developed an approach intended to help the mind move quickly away from mental suffering and created a 6 weeks model.  The Model integrates psychology, philosophy, counselling, spirituality, meditation and mind training.

I use a combination of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), meditation and loving thought cycles to help my people improve their state of mind. This gives them the tools they need to live a loving and balanced life. It actually removes the barriers that stop them from living a loving and balanced life. (Go to Free Video Resources to learn more about CBT)

The 6 Steps

Introduction Video















Step 1 Identifying, thoughts, feelings and behaviours. We will have an in depth look at what is keeping your problems going.

Step 2 Understanding the links between thoughts, feelings and behaviours.

Step 3 Making Changes. We will look at changing behaviours. This will help change your thoughts and feelings.

Step 4 Making Changes. We will look at how thoughts are not always true and perhaps not always relevant to what we are doing. This will help change behaviours and feelings.

Step 5 Challenging thoughts. We will learn to challenge and let go of thoughts that cause suffering.

Step 6 Accepting and defusing thoughts. We look at letting go completely of past thoughts and feelings that cause suffering. We now place our focus and attention more and more on the rational mind .

Please book your Still Mind Training initial consultation (below the testimonials) which is free. That way you get a chance to understand the 6 steps and decide if it is right for you.

Alternatively if you know it is right, or it has been recommended to you by someone else who has completed the 6 Steps then go ahead and book Still Mind Training Consultations

If you have any questions or would like to carry out the steps on your own for free without the consultations, please email me on

I will then send you a link with all the videos and information you need to carry the steps out by yourself.

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“I had tried counselling and therapy before but not like this, the 6 steps model changed my life. Paul is a coach and counsellor. He is kind and very understanding.His methods are clear and concise"

Lisa London UK

“This is definitely the quickest way to improve your state of mind. My entire life has changed for good, I highly recommend you give this a go. Paul will gently guide you through the steps. He has a wonderful way of motivating you for change"

Sarah Florida USA