Open Monitoring Meditation


Open monitoring is a wonderful mediation for beginners.

It focuses the mind and increases awareness of thoughts and feelings.

The best time to practice this Mediation is first thing in the morning when you wake up.

This starts the day off in a relaxing and calm manner.

Open monitoring opens the mind and increases acceptance.

Benefits of Open Monitoring

Scientists have found the following health benefits, but the best thing to do is try the meditation and experience the benefits for yourself.

  1. Helps prevent depression and anxiety

  2. Lowers Heart rate

  3. Improves airflow to lungs

  4. Helps balance blood pressure

  5. Reduces headaches and migraines

  6. Decreases muscle tension

  7. Decreases over thinking

The technique

The Place to practice

As previously mentioned this meditation is best carried out first thing in the morning as soon as you wake up, whilst still in bed.

The Position

Corpse Pose

Lie flat on you back with your legs hip width apart. Rest you arms by your side, with your hands about 6 inches away from your hips, palms face up. 

Like all meditations you need a sense of being calm and relaxed before you practice.

Beginning Open Monitoring

Open monitoring is all about opening your mind. It might be helpful to imagine your mind to be an open space like the sky.

  1. When you are comfortable begin counting the out breaths in your mind.

  2. Breathe in and breathe out count one. (This can be called mindful breathing)

  3. Breathe in and breathe out count two.

  4. Repeat this cycle all the way to 25 out breathes.

  5. At first your mind will wonder and you will experience thoughts, sounds and sensations.

  6. Just notice them, let it go and focus back on your breathe.

  7. Do not judge or get agitated by the thoughts, sounds or sensations, just allow them to pass by like clouds in the sky.

  8. Meditation is all about focusing the mind on one thing. The more we practice the more focused we become and this has so many benefits for the mind and your overall life.

  9. Be kind to yourself and try your best. This mediation only takes around five minutes, but the benefits you receive from it can last you all day.                        


Please watch the video below for a more in-depth explanation on Open Monitoring