Free Online Counselling

At still mind training we understand it can be difficult to get an appointment with a counsellor, especially if you use the NHS (national health service UK). It is also difficult if you live in the USA. The waiting lists can be long and by the time you get an appointment you may find it was not as helpful as you hoped for.

We are an international service and offer 6 weeks of free counselling consultations. It is for anyone who wants to improve their mental health. It is for those who are seeking immediate help. We suggest you still go on the waiting list with the NHS (or health service from your country), but in the meantime you can book 6 weeks of free counselling consultations.

The 6 weeks sessions are designed for anyone who is suffering mentally and can help with the following:

  1. Anxiety, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, agoraphobia, social anxiety, panic disorder, minor anxiety

  2. Depression, Bi Polar, clinical depression

  3. Stress

  4. Trauma   

The Approach

I have developed an approach and thus a 6 week model which integrates psychology, philosophy, counselling, spirituality, meditation and mind training.

I use a combination of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), meditation and love cycles to help my clients improve their state of mind which enables them to live a loving and balanced life. (Go to Free Video Resources to learn more about CBT)

The Approach has 6 steps, completed over 6 weeks, which includes one online session of 30 minutes per week.

After each session you will be sent a video resource with the steps on.

It is a very practical model and you need to understand it is you that has to do the work to improve your state of mind. Still Mind training gives you the tools to achieve this,

Step 1 Identifying, thoughts, feelings and behaviours. We will have an in depth look at what is keeping your problems going.

Step 2 Understanding the links between thoughts, feelings and behaviours.

Step 3 Making Changes. We will look at changing behaviours. This will help change your thoughts and feelings.

Step 4 Making Changes. We will look at changing thoughts. This will help change behaviours and feelings.

Step 5 Challenging thoughts. We will learn to challenge and let go of thoughts that cause suffering.

Step 6 Accepting and defusing thoughts. We look at letting go completely of past thoughts and feelings that cause suffering. We will also look at imagery, visualisations and meditations which you will be able to use for improving balance and peace in the mind. You will be guided gently to a happy and peaceful life.

I am confident you will get a lot from the 6 sessions and by the end you will have the tools you need to improve your mental health and therefore your life.

Please Book your free counselling session below. You will be able to book one a week for 6 weeks. Book the first session and from there we can discuss booking the other 5 sessions.